Welcome to Can Translators Online Resource

is a language services agency based in Nairobi, Kenya, that specialises in translation, editing, proofreading, transcription and interpretation in 20 African languages and other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagaalog, Bahasa, Urdu, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Polish, Thai, Icelandic, Vietnamese, Turkish etc

CAN stands for Clear, Accurate and Natural translations. CAN TRANSLATORS is comprised of a team of highly qualified linguists and translators most of whom have university degrees in translation and linguistics.

In aiming to produce high quality translations, we focus on three globally known translation qualities, being Clarity, accuracy and naturalness. This means that nothing is omitted, added or changed. We also base our translations and language services on two theories of communication, Relevance theory and Cognitive linguistics.


CAN TRANSLATORS always delivers work on time and guarantees its clients the best language services.

Some of our clients include: Liveschool training equipdisciples, cibersons etc.

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