We focus on three globally known translation qualities, being Clarity, accuracy and naturalness.

CAN Translators offers the following services :


We translate all kinds of documents in any discourse. We translate, books, legal documents, Christian materials, catalogues, websites, bronchures into several African languages namely Kiswahili,Kigiryama, Kinyarwanda, Kisomali, Congolese, Swahili, Wolof, Yoruba, Ndebele, Kikuyu, Shona, Maay Maay,Kirundi, Ibo, Fulani, Amharic, Kunama, Tigrinya, Afrikaans etc.


We provide transcriptions in all languages cited. These include videos, tapes and all types of media. Our team of experts ensure that every utterance is transcribed with all accuracy.


We edit all documents of all genres, ranging from narratives, hortatory, procedural, poetry and songs.


CAN TRANSLATORS proofread clients documents, to make sure that they are grammatically and semantically acceptable globally.


We offer interpretation services in the languages mentioned. We train translators in churches and other organisations. We train interpreters to interpret accurately by putting into consideration the pragmatics in human communication.


Mtawali’s Band, which is available to entertain in churches and other social gatherings for a negotiable fee. The Band is comprised of gifted musicians and singers who will always leave you yearning for more.

The Band has recorded 3 albums namely
MUCHIMBIRE SHETHANI, VIDZE NWI, VUNJA NGOME ZA SHETANI and one more which should be out in a couple of weeks.


CAN TRANSLATORS always delivers work on time and guarantees its clients the best language services.

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